Welcome to Dandy’s Organic Café. We are enthusiastic about teaching our community the tremendous value of eating nutritious, but still delicious, food. The café has created a niche for itself in the world of health-based cuisine and is constantly evolving and delighting patrons with new fares.


This health concept adventure offers authentic Eastern and Western wholesome dishes designed by chef Vivi Cheung. Vivi stared our mission in 2009. She teaches people the importance of healthy eating and makes people understand that “weare what we eat”. With all the nutritional facts and ingredients listed for every menu item, you know exactly what you’re eating. For those adopting vegan,gluten-free, dairy free, or nut free diets, each menu item is specifically labeled, so no worries about allergies or food intolerance! 

For the freshest and healthiest ingredients, Vivi sources organic products, first locally as much as possible in order to lower carbon emissions, as well as from Australia, where she spent many years studying food science and remedies.

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