My philosophy is that we should eat food for health and enjoyment. Definitely, should not just for filling up our stomachs! 

Here are the main important points:

  • I eat food mostly based on my blood type diet plan and it is a way of eating that relies on an individual’s blood type (A, B, AB, or O) to dictate one’s diet was created by Dr. Peter J D’Adamo. In his book, Eat Right for Your Blood Type presents the idea that an individual’s blood type determines which foods are healthy for him/her and which foods are not.
  • My blood type is O and I should be eating more protein, vegetables, fruits but not wheat.
  • I exercise regularly and run about three to four times per week. The best exercise for type O individuals is high intensity physical exercise such as aerobics, contact sports, running or martial arts.
  • I eat 70% a plant based food and 30% white meats and grains.
  • Food must taste good but also give us nourishment; therefore I don’t usually eat processed or packaged foods or refined products like flours or sugar. I have a sweet tooth but I try to eat sweets that made from the nature like fruits or made of low G.I. sugars.
  • I am a flexitarian which means I only eat organic meats otherwise vegetables will be the only option on my food list.
  • I always go with whole foods and make them from scratch! Instead of eating bread, I like to eat quinoa or brown rice for better carbs.
  • We shouldn’t go overboard with eating one certain food, because even healthy things may turn bad if we have too much. In other words, I like to eat in moderation.
  • Eat as many different types of foods each day as possible. I believe that every different food has its own uniqueness. We should try and eat at least 25 different foods each day. When I blend them in a smoothie that is much easier!

Why do I eat organic most times?

I don’t like to label myself a fussy eater as then I feel restricted, but I eat mostly organic foods because I just feel that it is healthier for me. I used to get all types of problems like IBS and diarrhea when I was eating non-organic. Since I made the change, my health has improved so much and I rarely get sick (tough wood!). Honestly I also feel that eating organic food actually gives me more energy!

Raw and Cooked Foods

Half of my meal is raw, such as the smoothie I make in the morning and sometimes I do a really nice, big salad or raw vegan dessert. Then, I also like to stir fry some of my vegetables and eat cooked brown rice. I often boil soup or bake fish and chicken as well. Raw: Smoothies, juices, salads, raw desserts. Preferred Cooking Methods: Boil vegetable soup, fast stir fry vegetables with high temperatures and reserve the most nutrition elements, bake and steam fish. I try not to have BBQ foods (when parts of it turns burn off and so as the nutrition) and I always fry with extra virgin coconut oil rather than other oils as that has no toxic substances released during cooking.

My Least Eaten Foods

Things I never eat/drink: Refined sugar, softdrinks, anything with trans-fat, refined meat, anything with high sodium,unknown ingredients, anything with chemical and artificial coloring.  Foods I don’t eat a lot of, but occasionally will have: breads, yoghurt, chocolate,ice cream and cakes. Foods I eat in moderation: Nuts, avocados, wheat breads and sweets. Foods I eat a lot and every day: Vegetables –lots of greens, fruits, quinoa, avocados, chicken, tofu, fish, fresh juice,alkaline water, herbal teas, and whole grains like brown rice,

I eat for health, not for appearance and because health is happiness!

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